Instax Mini 90 Camera-instant memories

  • Variety of shooting modes: Party, kids, landscape, macro, bulb exposure, timer, double exposure, brightness etc.
  • Three mode automatic electronic flash; force firing, flash off and red eye reduction.
  • Brightness control with normal, low key and high key effects.
  • Camera comes with 10 shots of film
  • Dimensions:20 x 20 x 20cm
  • Weight:296g
  • Colour: Black/Brown
  • Lithium Ion battery included
  • NP-45A rechargeable battery
  • BC-45C battery charger
  • Shoulder strap
  • Compact size
  • Retractable 60mm all-purpose lens.         


Price: £119.00

Where to buy: Amazon

What is it?

The Instax Mini 90 camera produces instant images on a credit sized card. It has a retractable 60mm lens, featuring a variety of shooting modes to choose from, comes with 10 shots of film and a rechargeable lithium battery. It is ideal for someone artistic or if you just want to have fun, express your creativity and enjoy capturing moments. The style is cool and retro, it is portable and light so it is ideal to take anywhere.


The Instax Mini has a minimalistic and vintage style, it is compact, the body is constructed of a sturdy plastic build with a two toned look either brown or black leather texture and a silver finish. Overall it appears polished, classic, sophisticated and it feels like good quality.

The camera is designed to have features of a traditional analogue camera and has enhanced its ability to capture light in its own way, the camera is small, sturdy and light weighted and it comes with a leather strap so it is perfect to put in your coat pocket and go out on adventure and just shoot away.


When it comes to the Instax Mini it offers quite a lot for a small camera, there is a variety of features and shooting modes to use, a powerful built in flash, two shutter buttons one in the front (in the center of the power switch) if you want to shoot vertically and the other on the top if you’re shooting horizontally which is quite handy. On the back it features an LCD screen (liquid crystal display) to keep an eye on the modes you are currently using, battery life and the remaining shots you have left. Then it comes to the five mode selection buttons.

The first is the macro mode that enables you to take close up shots of your subjects if you want more detail within a 30cm distance, the second mode is the light and dark button so you can manually adjust the brightness of your image it basically acts as an exposure compensation dial.

The next button is the self timer mode, it allows you to put down the camera and give you time if you want to be in the shot with your friends or if you want to add something else in the composition. This mode can be pressed once for a single exposure or twice if you want two images.

The flash button enables you to turn it on, activate red eye reduction or turn off the flash completely if you don’t need. You then have the shooting modes to select from, the aperture dial around the lens can also be used to select the modes:

  • Party- Enables a longer exposure, brightening the background and other subjects.
  • Kids- Ideal for fast moving subjects such as sports, cars, children, and animals.
  • Landscape-Used for subjects at a further distance.
  • Double exposure- Enables you to take two different images but are compressed on a single print.
  • Bulb- The shutter remains open while the button is pressed enabling you to capture fast moving light it is also ideal for night shooting.


This camera may be small but can be full of surprises, with its variety of features. It is quite straightforward to use, to load the film you simply unclip the door put the film in and close it, batteries are rechargeable and that is inserted on the door of the film compartment, it is a mixture of modern and the past because of the battery and the film used. The battery life lasts even when shooting all day which is convenient.

When using the Instax the prints come out within 5 seconds, the colours and sharpness are good still maintaining that retro style. The macro and landscape modes capture the subjects features well, the flash is quite powerful I would recommend using the dark mode, to even out the subjects also use it when shooting in full daylight otherwise it blows out the highlights. The colours are vivid, especially shooting a sunset, the Instax captures the skin tones quite well.

The double exposure is a favourite, it is where you can test your creativity and create beautiful, intriguing prints. The bulb mode is quite fun to experiment with, it is ideal for night shooting and capturing fast light, creating interesting shapes, it’s like painting with light, so something new to try out. Keep in mind the mode reduces shutter speed and can cause camera shake resulting in blurriness, using a tripod would be ideal to prevent it.

The Instax camera is easy to use and it is automatic, you need to be aware that you are using film and you cannot just delete the photographs so it does slow you down and forces you to think before taking the shot. It is small easy to grip, you can also take selfies with your friends. It is an automatic camera, so if you would prefer to have more of a manual control than perhaps this is something to think about before purchasing.

The camera and the card prints are small, if you would rather have something bigger you could find something else more suitable for you there is a wide variety for everyones preferences. The optical viewfinder can be a bit of a pain because it is so small and can be inconvenient if you have bad eyesight or if you wear glasses so you need to use your intuition when taking the image.

The film can be a bit expensive especially if you are frequently shooting so also keep that in mind, it is best to buy a bulk of the mini film, it saves money, and there is a variety of film available in colour and in black and white.


Everyone is different it depends on what you want to take, we all have our own styles, it just takes figuring out and experimenting. The Instax can produce unpredictable shots and recreate nostalgic moments. I like the pocket size retro style, the best part is when the print comes out and watching your image appear. There are borders around the print so you can add notes.

It is portable, ideal for someone creative or interested in photography, though you don’t need to be a photographer to enjoy photographs just as long you use it to capture instant moments to look back on. If this is your sort of camera then give this a go.





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