Nikon 35mm film camera- have fun with a classic

  • Nikon EM Black Body SLR film camera 35mm
  • Built in light meter
  • Uses Nikon AIS lenses
  • Aperture Priority only
  • Light weighted (460g)


Price: £94.95

Where to buy: Amazon


This Nikon 35mm film camera  was one of the earliest models made and the smallest SLR camera that Nikon had produced. It was created in Japan from 1979 to 1982, it was designed and marketed for beginners and female photographers who wanted to get into SLR photography.

The Nikon EM is basically a beginner level camera, it features aperture priority mode only so there is no manual mode which makes it easier for amateur photographers and it also works the shutter speed for you. It uses a film plane indicator which is mainly used for close up photography, it has a fast shutter speed from 1 to 1/1000th seconds, plus use of Bulb, and a built in ISO which ranges from 25 to 1600. It has an automatic flash sync of 1/90th second, this is marked as M90 on the selector dial, the camera is also fitted with a low-light exposure warning in the form of an audible beep.

This camera is mostly automatic but there are two manual settings available in the EM. First the M90 (mechanical speed of 1/90 sec.) and B (Bulb for long exposures), they are both mechanical speeds, so they can still be used in case the battery fails. You need to use batteries as this camera relies on it, you can use two S76/A76 or one 1/3N battery. To check your battery power there is a button on the top of the camera, when you press it if it lights up red it means there is enough power to use, if it does not or it’s dim you need to check the batteries. This camera was typically paired with 50mm f/1.8E. Also, available there is the 35mm f/2.5E and the 100mm f/2.8E. It can also take any other AI and AI-S lenses.

I like the fact that it is light weighted it fits in your hand very well, it is simple, easy to use so anyone can learn to use it, it may be small but it is sturdy, reliable and very cool to use. You can just put it in your pocket and take out and have fun taking shots. For me I don’t like the fact it is not a full manual mode, I prefer having full control of a camera, if you don’t mind that it is not a full manual mode and you like using an aperture mode, this an option to try out. It is also a bit small so if you don’t like that then you can always try another bulkier version, I’m also not a huge fan that you need to use batteries though they do last.

Other than that, the Nikon 35mm film camera is a good amateur camera especially if you want to start shooting with an SLR it is worth a try, it takes good quality photos, like I mentioned before it is very easy to use so it is perfect for a beginner and great fun.






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