About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my website. Vintage photography is one of my most recent interests and I am completely captivated by it.

From the moment I laid my hands on those beautiful detailed film cameras and scavenged through my grandmothers entire draws of old family photographs, I became enthralled and passionate and it was treasure to me.

It made me realize how tactile those cameras are and the memories they produce are powerful. Those unique cameras gave me the experience of recreating classic memories to tell a visual story and I want to help people realize how precious those photographs are.

My love of Photography

From a young age, old photographs were fascinating to me, each time I visited my family abroad I would always go through all of my family’s albums and then search every inch of my grandmothers house for even more photographs.

The images tell stories of several aspects of the era or time in which they were taken. I desired to know the stories behind them, I would spend hours studying them, asking relatives details of the unfamiliar faces, some I wished I could have known. I would jolt with excitement recognizing familiar faces, analyzing my grandparents astonishing youthful appearances.

I didn’t take up photography until I enrolled college, when I had started taking photographs I realized how passionate I was and within a few months I purchased my first digital camera. I frequently took images experimenting, I was also given the opportunity to use a film camera at the college and I was instantly intrigued how intricate and unique it was.

It felt as if I had gone back into to time recreating classic photographs. I was fascinated by the magic of the darkroom and loved watching the blank sheets developing, the images produced are mysterious, expressive and eerie with its dynamic range of detail in highlights and shadows. They express so much emotion and provides ways to interpret and capture reality in my own way.

Photos preserve unforgettable memories

Documenting moments are important, vintage cameras capture those unique moments in life, in photos and stories that accompany them. They stimulate memories, images contribute to the story telling and help us become involved.

There is always an untold story worth knowing, photos have the power to make you feel excited, happy and reflective. The memories tie us people to places and emotion. They reminisce the days we remember or might not remember or we just need reminding and they can give comfort and hope.

Explore and tell a story

Vintage cameras gives us the opportunity to explore and have the freedom to tell a personal story. You don’t need to be a good photographer to love photographs, they provide ways to see the world in your own unique way, they can transform ordinary scenes into beautiful lasting memories, the images allow you to re live certain parts of life that you’ll never be able to replicate again. The cameras give you measurable photos to value everlasting memories.


Feel free to share and leave comments below and I will be more than happy to answer some questions.



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